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Social Studies can tell us where we’ve been, inform us as to where we are at, guide us to where we should go, and show us a number of ways to get there.  There are a number of studies that fall under social studies.  A few include:  political science, government, history, sociology, economics, finance, marketing, advertising, geography, psychology,…and the list goes on.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Our 7th Grade Social Studies Blog

  1. i still do nott agree with goin to the moon bu there is an exception i was reading comments and ther was 1 he is rightn i could make more friends on the moon. so now i will have to say that i think i would go only if my family can come

  2. well if i got paid to colonize on the moon i would do it . first is becauswe i wouldnt pass up a oppurtunity to exxplore a new world but im still sketchy about staying the r forever

  3. I think deforstation is very bad for these reasons. Animals could die without there food. If they cut down trees there would be less oxygen. And if people moved there it would maybe come poluted. Thats why I think deforstation is verry bad.

  4. I think that the “One Child Policy” is unacceptable. I think this because, the kids don’t have a say if they wanted to be born or not. So they shouldn’t get punished for there parents choice. Also, it is unfair for the girls of China. It is not there fault that they are a girl. They couldn’t help it. It is what it is. This is a really bad policy in China. Some kids are dying way to fast. But one good thing about this is the population might go down because of this. China has a really big population. And I mean it is really big. This is what I think of China’s “One Child Policy”.

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