Utopia Project

Students were teamed and assigned the task of creating their own Utopias. The Utopia activity was a culminating project where the students synthesized their understanding of government, economics, and geography into an ideal country. Many of the team members recieved first-hand experience at deliberation as they “shared” their country ideals with team members. We also learned how to collaborate using google docs, gmail, and team meetings.

Check out the array of Utopias (electronic medium in parenthesis) by scrolling down to the Utopia section on the right-hand side of your screen. Very impressive team work and creativity is evident on many of the Utopias.

China’s One-Child Policy

Due, Monday, April 19th, 2010. Write at least 5 sentences in paragraph form stating your opinion as to whether China should maintain (keep) or repeal (get rid of) it’s “One-Child” Policy.  Please use your blog number.  Use your blog rubric as a guide and the following resources (we viewed these videos in class):

World Population-Video

The High Cost of the One Child Policy-Video

Good Article Summarizing the “One-Child” policy and the pros and cons of the policy